Brain Fog (& what to do about it)

"At its worst, it felt (literally: it was a physical sensation) like my brain was wrapped in cotton batting and nothing could get through. At its mildest, it's like thoughts and memories and emotions are there, just not at all accessible. I once felt very alive and bright; with brain fog I feel like I'm treading water in the world..."
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The Health Impacts of Prejudice and Discrimination

Now that we understand the connection between stress and health issues, let's look for opportunities to prevent stress & disrupt the patterns that may one day cause people to tip over into autoimmunity or other chronic health issues...
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Stress, the Brain and Blood Sugar

Hey, some people eat cake as a coping mechanism. I do research! After noticing that I was experiencing impaired brain function and blood sugar imbalance in response to stress, I dove into the literature to figure out what was going on...
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Women & Weight on the AIP

For most people, especially those who need to lose weight, the AIP moves you toward a healthier set-point. For an unlucky few of us, the equation is more complicated...
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Your Zone of Proximal Development

Your edge. The place you can step into. Grow into. Your zone of possibility. Your zone of proximal development is the space just outside your current capacity that you can reach if you have the right support...
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Ancestral Eating (& decolonizing our food)

A couple hundred years after my ancestors destroyed the food systems of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas we've started our very own ancestral food movement...
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The Skin Microbiome (& Our Personalized Microbial Cloud~)

Since learning about the role of the gut microbiome in diseases of all kinds, many of us have begun to focus on the health of our gut flora, but by ignoring the skin, we may be missing an important community of microbial allies that can improve our well-being...
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The Child & Youth Mental Health Epidemic

The paradigm is changing, but it hasn't shifted sufficiently yet to enable us to opening talk about the contributing factors to this serious population-level health problem...
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The Origin of Illness (the Microbiome~)

Not only autoimmune conditions are caused by an unhealthy imbalance in the microbiome, it seems that most illnesses are...
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