Moules-frites (AIP)

When you buy Mussels, they are alive. Or they should be. So plan to cook them soon. When alive and fresh, mussels smell mild and pleasant, like the ocean...
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Crustless Butternut Pie

After almost 2½ years on the Autoimmune Protocol, we’re finally in reintroduction territory! This recipe is our new favorite...
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Leek & Wild Boar Belly Jam on Daikon Crackers (AIP)

The key to health, and to stick-to-itiveness, on a healing protocol is diversity. A variety of nutrient-dense foods ensures you cover your nutritional basis to promote healing, and it also prevents boredom...
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The Ultimate Turmeric ~AIP~ Recipe Roundup

Turmeric is known to alleviate systemic inflammation. That's how it supports the reversal of autoimmune diseases and counteracts neurodegeneration. To spread the golden love, here's 60 AIP-compliant recipes that contain turmeric...
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Poached Salmon with Leek & Fennel Soup (AIP)

Spear fish. Dig roots. Or buy everything you need from the supermarket. Make soup. It's the spirit, and the intent, that matters...
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Rainbow 'Rice' (AIP)

I do have moments of accidental mindfulness. When I am simply here now, acutely aware of everything. But you don't get full marks for being accidentally mindful...
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Crispy Kale with Olives (AIP~)

Being citizens of n=1 nation means that we are free to adopt whatever pattern of living enables us to achieve our health and wellness goals...
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Peach-Glazed Beef & Broccoli (AIP)

Just some happily pastured ground beef. Classically presented. With broccoli. And one homey-exotic twist: a peach...
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An Autoimmune Protocol Meal Plan

A free 2 (or 3) week menu plan of nutrient-dense breakfasts, lunches & dinners from 18 AIP bloggers and blank template for creating your own customized plan...
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