The Paleobiology of Sleep

When not unnaturally constrained by electric light, it turns out that the human sleep pattern resembles that of other animals. It's polyphasic, meaning that it occurs in two or more phases within a 24-hour period...
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Tipping Points (Why resolutions go astray & how to get back on track)

Tipping Points are places where a system switches from one equilibrium state to another. From illness to health (or the other way round). The system itself could be a forest, a social movement, an economy, a family or a person. But for now let’s consider a person-sized system. You...
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Hacking Sexuality (part 2)

If you've done your sex positive homework from part 1 of this post, you are aware of a range of sexual practices. They don't all have to be your thing. But knowing about them will help you in the process of finding strategies...
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3 steps for Hacking Sexuality

Chronic illness can provide motivation to get your sexual self sorted. Whether the illness happens to you or your partner, it requires that you start getting intentional about the things you really want in your life...
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The New Stages of Change

Change in complex systems includes tipping points. Butterfly effects. And unanticipated outcomes. Our change efforts transform the world. Both in and around us...
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Biohacking 101: Clean your Laboratory

You are the laboratory. To generate useful data to improve your health and well-being, you first need to get your laboratory cleaned up...
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The Microbiome: The Protocol II

Part one of this post looked at stress management, diet, sleep and physical activity. In this post we'll consider drugs, caffeine, chemicals, environment and gut health therapies...
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The Microbiome: the Protocol

I mapped the systems that are impacted by intestinal microflora, then used that map to determine what parts of the system are actionable. Thereby creating a microbiome protocol...
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Biohacking Tip #6: What's Actionable?

Before the deconstruction begins, let's acknowledge that this map omits unknown system elements. We don't know what they are, so we can't map them. Like any model, it's a simplification. In any case, there's plenty to take action on here...
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