I've been on a mini-mission. Off the side of my life.

I've been upgrading my wildcrafting skills.

Hence the recipes for rose petals, rosehips, blackberries, stinging nettles and dandelion greens.

This month it's kelp.

The Kelp Story

It's a good story.

We were spreading my mum's ashes on the Salish Sea. My sister and I had arranged for a flotilla of double kayaks and stand-up paddle boards so everyone could paddle out together.

It was sunny. Late afternoon.

Some people were swimming. One of the children swam up with an entire kelp and plopped it on my paddle board. "Here." he said. And swam away.

kelp 2

A gift from the ocean.

It looked edible. I could see the little plastic shaker in my spice cabinet labelled 'kelp flakes' in my mind. This thing looked like about 450 shaker's worth.

I've been trying to eat sea vegetables every day for some time now.

So I accepted the gift.

My car was overfull with teenagers when we left the beach, but I made them incorporate the kelp.

It lay on the porch over night, and all the next morning while we attended my mum's celebration of life.

kelp 3

As we were leaving that day, I threw the kelp into a tote, herded the teenagers back into the car. On to the ferry. Back to the city.

The kelp spent another night outdoors, but in the morning after I took my #1 kid to the airport, I googled what do with a ginormous kelp. I was imagining something elaborate and labour-intensive involving scissors & an oven. But (another gift!) it turned out to be way simpler than that.

In a couple of days it had air dried.

Now I have kelp!

About 450 shaker's worth

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More time for wildcrafting!

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