Matthew has a new hobby.

He renders lard.

He goes to butcher & gets an enormous bag of pig fat (this makes our butcher happy). Enough for a couple of slow cookers full. For about $12.

He chops up the fat & slow cooks it. Freezes the fat he doesn't use in the first round. Then we use the lard for cooking & Matthew also uses it in his other new hobby: Autoimmune Protocol baking.


Why lard? Lauren Geersten at Empowered Sustenance offers 10 reasons.

The 11th reason is that you get cracklings as a delicious by-product of the rendering process.

And making one's butcher happy could easily be reason #12 (never underestimate the potential benefits of a happy butcher as an element of healing protocol success).

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Lard + Cracklings

Servings: 1



  • 2-3 lbs of pork fat
  • ¼ cup water
  • Himalayan Salt (or similar) for cracklings


Cut pig fat into small cubes (some people have it ground at the butchers).

Place cubed fat in a slow cooker with the water. Turn to low.

Stir occasionally.

Strain liquid fat through cheesecloth after approximately 2 hours & every ½ hour thereafter. Continue rendering until the cracklings are golden brown.

Refrigerate rendered lard.

Salt cracklings & eat as-is, or as a fat-tastic addition to salad, or a garnish in soup.

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