I love summer.

As the dark winter settles over Canada I realize I have one more reason to reminisce about the long hot summer days.

The light. For photographs. For my blog.

I admit I thought I was getting better. At taking food photos. I just kept getting better results.

But now I'm remembering what it's like to try to schedule my food photography inside a dwindling day. Especially when I'm usually working during daylight hours.

Add finding light to the sometimes hilarious challenge of clearing enough space so that my food photos look semi-elegant, or at least not domestically disastrous. So I can maintain the food-blog fantasy that I have a well-designed, sophisticated life. Full of garnishes & clean, aesthetic tea towels.

I'll blog a post full of photos of my real-life AIP kitchen one day.

But not today.

Because Pancetta is sophisticated.

So let's continue with the illusion.

In order to make use of daylight, I planned ahead. Made this on Sunday morning for breakfast.

Though it was stormy outside, the photos turned out reasonably well, in a moody, Autumnal kind of way.

And most importantly, breakfast was delicious!

Collards & Pancetta

A long time ago, in a market in Detroit, I learned one of my most important life lessons: greens are non-negotiable.

BE proactive

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Take the Assessment

Collards are hardy greens.

They are tastier & more nutritious in the colder months. One of the few advantages of winter!

As a member of the Brassica family, Collard greens have anticancer properties, as well as being incredibly nutrient-dense.

As mentioned, they are stout greens & love the simple, robust treatment they get with thick-cut chunks of pancetta in this recipe.

Pancetta is cured pork belly, as is bacon. But unlike bacon, pancetta isn't smoked.

Be aware that non-AIP spices like nutmeg & black pepper are sometimes used in curing pancetta (& in bacon).

Cultivate a friendly relationship with your butcher or local charcuterie to find out more. You can probably special-order if you are wiling to buy a larger quantity. Both pancetta & bacon can be frozen (sliced & wrapped in meal-sized packages).

My new favorite autumn breakfast! Served up with avocado.

Pancetta with Collards (AIP & WahlsPaleo+)

Servings: 2 as main dish or 4 as a side


Time: 30


  • 6-7 pieces thick-cut pancetta
  • 2 bunches collards


Using kitchen scissors, cut the pancetta into cubes.

On medium-low heat, gently fry the pancetta cubes until crisp & brown, stirring frequently.

Meanwhile, use the scissor to cut the tick stem out of each collard leaf.

In batches of 4-5 roll the collard leaves & cut each roll into a chiffonade about 1cm thick.

Set the cooked pancetta aside & add the ribbins of collard greens to the hot fat in the pan. Stirfry until bright green & wilted.  Add the pancetta to the collards to heat through.


If you have some bone broth on hand, add a couple of cups with the pancetta for a perfect bowl of antidote to any stormy day.

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