Sarah Ballantyne has done it again.

I knew that she was writing a new book, but I didn't expect this book.

The weight of it alone is impressive. Slightly daunting.

After all, Sarah's first book The Paleo Approach, which I still consult almost every week, was a bit of challenge now and again. For those of us who don't have a background in biology

But, wow. That is not the case with Paleo Principles. In this book, Sarah's gift for translating complex science into language that ordinary people can understand shines out in every page.

Paleo Principles

The text is imminently readable and the layout and graphics are (okay, I know this is going to sound overwrought)... perfect. Really, the layout of this book is as close to perfect as I've ever seen.

And it's a delight to read.

It is still bursting the latest science (as we'd expect from the inimitable Dr Ballantyne), but all that science is presented in such a warm and approachable way, that I almost feel like Sarah is right there in the room with me.

How, exactly?

More than once I have found myself wondering: how did she do this? How did she pull this much information together in such a coherent way, to start, and then how did she manage to make science gracious?

I've been living an ancestral lifestyle for seven years and I'm a bit nerdy. I presented at the Ancestral Health Symposium this year and attended all the workshops I could squeeze into my three days in Seattle.

Just saying, I know this topic fairly well.

Nevertheless, I am making new connections and having 'aha' moments as I read.

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Who is this book for?


  • Anyone who is curious about why an ancestral diet promotes human health, will find all the information they could hope for.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about ancestrally-inspired lifestyle factors (that sometimes get forgotten when we focus overmuch on food).
  • Anyone who is currently pursuing an ancestral lifestyle should definitely have it on their reference shelf.
  • Anyone who is skeptical, or thinks that paleo is a fad.
  • Any and all health practitioners should definitely read it and share this information with clients and patients.

A Template

Sarah doesn't present a prescription in this book. She offers a template that anyone can personalize and then use for healing.

I'm really grateful for all the time she puts in (it took countless 12 hours days to craft this book, by my reckoning), so that we can understand, adjust and benefit from the newest science out there.


This book is a compendium. In addition to everything else, it includes food guides, shopping lists, meal plans, over 225 recipes and other resources. Everything you need is here.

I highly recommend Paleo Principles, which is available for pre-order now.

Release date: November 7th.

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