When it’s Friday at 6pm and your bathroom is overflowing with teenaged drama-geeks who are dying their hair black. Asking for rubber gloves & more towels & a ride downtown to a Doctor Who revival meeting.

And your dad arrives & fills your entryway with his ski equipment and wants to talk about the zen realization he had while fixing his plumbing that morning.

And you are waiting for a call from your 19-year-old who’s been in Vancouver all week and needs to be picked up from the ferry sometime soon.

And your partner is sick.

And you are wondering if your credit card will let you book a plane ticket so you can get your oldest kid home for a visit.

And your #4 bonus step-kid is growing approximately a millimeter a minute and is unceasingly rifling through the kitchen looking for edible substances.

And everyone needs to be fed.

And part of you wishes they would all go somewhere else so your house could be quiet and tidy and you could get back on your computer to write, but this is your life.

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And luckily for everyone you have a chicken with beets & carrots roasting in the oven, a cauli-pilaf at the ready, a cucumber to slice, & can manifest a pot of rice pasta with pesto sauce for the vegetarian drama-geeks before driving them downtown.

And just know ahead of time that no one will suitably appreciate the effort that went in to having that food ready for them at 6:30pm on a Friday night.

But that’s okay.

And Friday night doesn’t end once everyone’s fed, of course. Life keeps streaming.

There’s still the post-curfew argument via text-message with your #3 kid who is still inexplicably at the theatre watching Doctor Who when she should be home already:

So when People say, I could never be paleo, my life is too busy, I say yes. My life is busy too. And I could never do my life if I didn’t have the energy that paleo brings.

It enables me to have grace enough, and food enough, to meet what comes.

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