We all need community. When we commit to healing, we need connections with people who ‘get it’.

Increasingly, we find that community online.

Luckily, each day more people are joining the global network of individuals who are taking responsibility for their own healing.

Our Community

In this post, we’ll hear from eight people who have used online community as a core element of their healing in a series of super-short videos.

Matthew and I relied heavily on our online community during the years that Matthew was really sick and during his gradual healing process.

During that time, we developed a worldwide network of friends who we traded ideas with. We also commiserated and celebrated with our online community, and we still keep in touch by email, phone, text, Skype and through Facebook groups.

Many of these people have, like Matthew, experienced significant healing, and almost all of them continue to heal through ongoing self-experimentation.

We’d like to introduce you to some of them

We reached out to some members of our online community and asked them to share their thoughts about the importance of online community for healing.

Within a week, we had eight little videos to share with you. Here they are:

1. Mitch Hankins 

Mitch is from the United States. He manages four autoimmune conditions including Hashimoto’s, celiac and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety through a personalized program of nutrition and lifestyle.

We met Mitch through his blog Instinctual Wellbeing. You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Joanna Frankham

Joanna is an New Zealander who is healing from Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS), a devastating skin condition that she kept secret for decades before she learned that it had a name. Once she knew, she found an online community to support her healing.

Joanna also turned her illness into a successful blog, started Conscious Autoimmunity with one of her online comrades Emma King, and started a podcast with Rory Linehan and Petra.

3. Astrid Fox

Astrid is Canadian. She lives just across the water from us in Vancouver, but we we found each other online. She is healing from Inflammatory Bowel Disease and blogs at Heal Me in the Kitchen.

4. Rory Linehan

Rory is Australian. He and and Petra became fast friends years ago through their shared (nerdy) interest in research for autoimmune healing. Rory blogs at The Paleo PI.

Petra and Rory skyped once a week for years, co-wrote blog posts together and started a podcast… all without meeting in person. They finally met last September and were delighted that their online friendship translated seamlessly to ‘real life’.

5. Samantha Teague

Samantha is from the US. Like many people, it took her a long time to figure out what was going on with her health. She created an online community to help her find answers.

Samantha blogs at The Unskilled Cavewoman and you can also find her on Instagram.

6. Erin Cox

Erin also lives in the States. She is healing from psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and Raynaud’s disease.

She blogs at Real Food & Love. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.

7. Emma King

Emma King is originally from the UK but now lives in the US. Living far from her family, she relied on her online community for support with implementing the lifestyle elements of her healing protocol.

Since finding healing, Emma created Conscious Autoimmunity with Joanna Frankham, and together they have created two programs AIP Reset and AIP Reintros.

8. Jo Romero

Jo is from the UK. She is the creator of the Comfort Bites blog, the author of the autoimmune protocol cookbook Spice. In this video, she speaks to the importance to community for her own healing on the autoimmune protocol:

Jo was also featured on episode 14 of Petra, Rory & Jo’s podcast Healing Protocols: the global edition.

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