My ancestors came from candy-land

Really. They were candy makers.

They made candy in Northern England and when they came to Canada, they kept making candy.

There is still a Sweet Shop here in Victoria that was started my forebears.

As an aside, my grandfather wasn’t allowed into his candy-making grandparents' house, because his mother, Bertha Bland (what a wonderfully unfortunate name), had been a factory-worker in the old country.

And they were lofty candy-makers.

So my grandfather, young Kenneth George, was only permitted on his grandparent’s front porch, whereas the other grandchildren could come and go into the house as they pleased.

My ancestors brought their classism and their candy with them.

That’s how I come to be from candy-land.

Candy-making, biscuit-consuming, classist, wimpy colonists

I’m descended from candy-making, biscuit-consuming, classist, wimpy colonists.

The health of their intestinal flora can’t have been great, even way back when they were colonizing this great land, and this thought has lead me to wonder about gut health & colonialism.

When all those biscuit eaters with their disorderly intestinal flora and associated nervous complaints arrived here, what did they find?

People eating a perfect paleo diet who were probably enjoying magnificent gut health.

If all the research (and my own experience) about the correlation between mental health and gut health is to be believed, Indigenous people were probably also enjoying psychological well-being.

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How galling.

All these happy people. How dare they?

Have another biscuit.

We really need to do something.

And that something was done.

The irony was not lost on me as I drove to work one morning last week, having had bison liver and an avocado and a smoothie made from dandelion greens for breakfast, and I saw three Indigenous kids walking to school with lollipops in their mouths.

The candy makers were thorough.

Just one more reason I am continuing my n=1 experiments in ancestral eating and living.

My ancestors. Before the candy.

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