If you open a container of Honeybush tea & breathe deep... you'll get it~.

It smells like the most delicious summertime Iced Tea you can imagine.

This post isn't so much about a recipe as a summertime lifestyle:

  1. Boil water & pour it over loose Honeybush each night.
  2. In the morning, strain & refrigerate.

Introduce this pattern & you'll always have portable iced tea at the ready: for anyone who drops by; or to take with you to any social occasion where AIP-friendly party drinks might be difficult to find.

And of course, it is also excellent when enjoyed luxuriantly on a long summer evening, all by yourself.

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Lemon-Honeybush Iced Tea

 from Biohack U 

  • 2 litres/quarts boiling water
  • 4 tablespoons loose Honeybush Tea
  • 1 lemon
  • Ice cubes

Put 2 tablespoons of loose Honeybush tea in each of 2 mason jars and pour boiling water overtop.

Place the lids on & allow to steep at room temperature until cool (or overnight).

Strain the steeped tea & refrigerate.

To serve, quarter the lemon & squeeze 1/4 into each jar of tea. Slice the remaining lemon.

Add ice cubes & lemon slices to each glass & pour the tea over top.

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