When I met Matthew I was a single mum living in a basement suite.

An overweight vegetarian single mum who lived near downtown, rode her bike everywhere, went to yoga almost every day, and worked at a non-profit.

Matthew was a magnificent meat-eating single dad with spendy habits and a sporty car who lived in the suburbs and was a manager at an aerospace manufacturer.

So obviously, we met online.

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Over the years we’ve been together I’ve been wrong about (at least) 2 things:

I was wrong about vegetarianism

When we met, I was so empowered by my vegetarian ideology that I convinced Matthew, too.

Or at least he was agreeable enough to let me have my way. Most of the time.

He’d still periodically eat red meat, and would be almost apologetic about it.

I can even remember saying that he seemed highly evolved in many ways, except that he was really quite regressive about meat.

I was wrong.

I was wrong about paleo

Then I went paleo and experienced the alleviation of all of my health issues. I became convinced that paleo would also cure Matthew’s psoriatic arthritis, which by that time had become severe. 

If he would only commit.

He tried paleo, and thought that it actually made him worse.

I secretly thought he was being stubborn and lazy.​

Until I read the Paleo Mom’s post about psoriasis. Which said that paleo can make some autoimmune conditions like psoriasis (& psoriatic arthritis is directly linked to psoriasis) worse.

I was wrong again.

So now we are both now doing the Autoimmune Protocol. We’re on day 23.

And I'm really hoping I’m right this time!

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