Matthew was disabled by autoimmune disease.

He healed.

This is the story of how that happened.

A Return to Health

Matthew doesn't remember much from the years that he was really sick, but I remember all of it!

I'd like to tell you that story:

After we discovered that a self-experimentation approach enabled us both heal, we decided to devote ourselves to helping other people use the same methods.

That's what this website and blog are for!

Self-experimentation + Community

The Autoimmune Healing Intensive starts in January 2018.

This is the program we developed to help people who are living with autoimmune disease learn to use a self-experimentation approach to find their own best healing. 

We have intentionally kept the price low, because we know (first-hand) how financially devastating chronic illness can be.

Find more information about the Intensive here.

A Personalized Approach

Have a look at how well Matthew is now!

He's is not only back to work full-time, but has the energy to laugh:

Healing. Autoimmune.

In the past decade, the autoimmune community has learned a lot about the healing power of low-risk strategies like nutrition and lifestyle practices.

But that doesn't mean that everyone responds the same way to the healing protocols that have been developed during this time. 

For example, Matthew spent four years on the Autoimmune Protocol. He experienced the reduction in some of his symptoms, but an exacerbation of others.

The diet he now eats is quite different than the one recommended by leading autoimmune experts.

He found what works for him.

We want to support you in the process of finding what will enable you to find your best healing, too.


What if I tried the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) or another protocol and it didn't work for me?

You can use a self-experimentation approach to help you to troubleshoot your protocol, with the goal of finding out what will work.

What if I tried to do the AIP but it was just too much for me?

The AIP is a whole-life overhaul (we know!) and some of us just aren't able to make the change the first (or second) time we try.  The Autoimmune Healing Intensive allows you to take the steps that are manageable for you.

There are lots of things you can do.

Join us this January!

We look forward to getting to know you better...

Featured Resource

The Autoimmune Healing Intensive 2018

Community + Self-experimentation: a powerful combination for healing.

Find what works. For you.

The Autoimmune Healing Intensive begins January 1st.

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