Weekday breakfast is not the time to be messing around.

That's why I build my breakfasts out of units. Like lego.

My typical breakfast units:

Here's how it works: Assemble units; Eat.

Almost as easy as Corn Flakes!

Assemble Your Breakfast Units

As mentioned, you might have put something meaty in the slow cooker the night before. I'm not sure why but whenever I have a Lamb Shank for breakfast I have a fantastic day.

In any case, first thing in the morning, start with the units that need to be warmed up.

Turn on the oven to 350. If you don't have the slow cooker going or, you'll need protein. Wrap a victorious offal muffin in tin foil & set it on the rack. Take a unit of carbohydrate out of the fridge & pop it in beside it.

Go get ready for your day for 20 minutes or so (30 minutes if the meat muffin was frozen).

Then take the fudge out the freezer to defrost slightly. Cut the avocado. Pull the gummies out of the fridge. Take the meat muffin & vegetables out of the oven & assemble all your units on a plate.

Eat breakfast.

Have a wicked day.

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Vary Your Units

Just like with lego, you can build a simple, utilitarian spaceship/breakfast or an elaborate one. You can build the same old beloved, trusted thing with your units every day or mix it up.

There's only one secret: Have units on hand.


Make a batch of meat muffins & berry fudge & gummies on the weekend & freeze them. Make double each time you make cauli or brocolli mash & refrigerate in single-serving oven-proof containers with lids. Lay in green avocados to ripen.

Turn Carbohydrates into Breakfast Units

On the AIP, carbohydrates are mostly vegetables. Sugar is limited, so fruit is minimal.

Turning carbohydrates into breakfast units can happen one of two ways:

  1. Make a batch & divide it into single-serving oven-proof containers with lids;
  2. Put your leftovers into single-serving oven-proof containers with lids.A brilliant carbohydrate for breakfast is Cauli or Broccoli Mash.

Or Broccoli-Bacon-Anchovy stuffed Mushrooms. If you want to be fancy.

Or greens cooked in bone broth with salt & sea vegetable flakes.

Or zucchini slices fried on low heat in an ample amount of bacon fat until soft & browned.

Or 2 vegetables cooked in bone broth with salt & sea vegetable flakes:

  • Mushrooms & cilantro;
  • Celery & onion;
  • Cabbage & parsley.

 For AIP variations

On a ketogenic version of the AIP, plan to have high-fat units on hand: avocado, high-fat meat, fudge, olives. Then infill with protein & carbohydrate as required. Your carbohydrates are vegetables. The low carb ones. Cooked in fat. And some berries, maybe. In fudge.

On a low-FODMAP version of the AIP, your carbohydrates are still mostly vegetables. The low-FODMAP ones. And some low-FODMAP fruit. And you'll remove avocado from your unit rotation.

Featured Resource

85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts

Need more inspiration?

Breakfast is often the toughest meal to re-create when we’re used to eating grains, dairy and eggs for breakfast. 85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts makes the transition to the Autoimmune Protocol (or Wahls or any other Paleo Healing Protocol) easy, with 85 delicious ways to start your day.

Nutrient-density at breakfast: the secret to a successful healing protocol and the reason 85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts was created.

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