After 2 years of refining my healing protocol lifestyle, I now seem to be in a state of peak experience of connectedness, energy and good humoured devotion much of the time.

Peak experiences are mini enlightenment occurrences that happen infrequently for most of us. But many people can identify one or two, if not as adults, then from childhood.

Before social conditioning & crappy food interfered.

Few of us reach enlightenment, but we get an occasional taste (or perhaps it’s a reminder) of an enlightened state, through fleeting peak experiences.

Peak experiences often happen during seemingly inconsequential moments:

  • Suddenly noticing sunlight shining through leaves and being overcome by a transcendent moment of affiliation and awe;
  • Playing soccer and being wholly and completely at one with everything, including the ball, the grass and the opposing team;
  • Listening to music while driving and suddenly, profoundly, understanding forever ~ or just for that moment, and what’s the difference between the two, anyway~ the perfection of everything.

Peak experiences are ephemeral. They briefly bring us out of ourselves and at the same time illuminate our true nature.

In Buddhist philosophy, achieving a state of frequent or ongoing peak experience might be called Satori, an early step on the path toward nirvana.

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I seem to have hacked my way in to a state of frequent, sometimes almost continual, peak experience.

Honestly, I almost want to print up some inspirational pamphlets & start going door to door, because I have not only seen the light, but I’m now living in it most of the time.

The funny thing is that Buddhists suggest that it takes years of devoted mediation to reach such a state. My sassy paleolithic response: maybe only if you insist on vegetarianism!

Along with an experience of Satori, in which I am in peak experience for prolonged periods daily, I am also regularly experiencing what Csikszentmihaly calls ‘flow’.

Flow is the state in which one becomes fully immersed in an endeavour. Self-consciousness fades and is supplanted by an experience of unity with that activity. When in flow, time flies, or becomes bendable, and capacities, including focus, are honed.

It’s a state of perfection.

Nutritional Biohacking for Peak Experience

Accessing Peak Experiences through nutrition makes sense from a Maslow’s Hierarchy point of view.

According to Maslow’s model, you need solid nutrition in order to access the higher levels of actualization, so why not, for efficiencies sake, use nutrition and other foundational levels (water, sleep, sex) in the hierarchy to leverage peak experiences?

Nutritional experiments are ultimately n=1, meaning that each one of us is unique and we each need to experiment to find what will work for us.

After 2 years of experimenting, here’s my current regime:

  • An Autoimmune Protocol eating pattern (with digestive enzymes before meals);
  • Frequent hot yoga & walking;
  • Coffee with upgraded MCT oil (it doesn’t have to be coffee!);
  • Oil pulling with coconut oil almost every morning;
  • Lots of filtered water (with electrolyte rehydrator during hot yoga);
  • Sun;
  • Lots of sleep (I’m early to bed & early to rise);
  • Being true to my introverted nature;

As I’m an introvert, you needn’t worry, I will never knock on your door with an inspirational pamphlet.

But I will keep experimenting. And I will keep writing about my experiments and my experiences.

So consider yourself pamphleted.

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