Let's celebrate the NEW new year... (September 1st) with a free Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) meal plan from the AIP Bloggers Community.

This free download contains 92 easy fall & winter recipes from 18 AIP bloggers.

Free. For you.

The plan contains:

  • 2 full weeks of nutrient-dense breakfasts, lunches & dinners with links to 92 AIP recipes; plus
  • A bonus 3-week version that includes the secret superhero strategy of all successful AIPers: planned leftovers; and
  • A blank template for creating your own customized 2-week plan.

Download it here:

AIP Community Meal Plan~Autumn 2015

BE proactive

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Take the Assessment

I put this menu plan together, with recipe contributions from 17 other bloggers who are taking their health into their own hands in their own kitchens.

Because we know that reversing autoimmune disease through diet and lifestyle is a big commitment. And a supportive community makes all the difference.

Let the healing begin!

Please note: when downloading a pdf document to a device, you may need to use an e-reader app (like iBooks), not the browser, to activate the links.

Featured Resource

AIP Batch Cook

Make the AIP easy.

AIP Batch Cook shows you exactly how to prep and cook an entire week’s worth of delicious health-promoting food in two 2-hour sessions. It includes step-by-step video tutorials and everything else you need to become a healing protocol ninja in the kitchen.

Mickey Trescott's AIP Batch Cook gets you out of the kitchen and into your new improved life.

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