A Healing Protocol is a practice.

It’s a discipline.

As such, it’s a noun and a verb.

I woke up this morning thinking about this. That a healing protocol lifestyle could be a spiritual practice, even. 

Then I remembered that years ago I developed this model for work, as a tool to assist with self-evaluation for the development of practice. And I wondered if it is relevant to the practice of healing.

So I modified it.

Here's the original model. Below I've adapted the text for a healing protocol.


A model of Healing Protocol practice

Practice develops over time and with experience.

This model depicts some stages in the evolution of a personal healing practice. The goal is to achieve the generative stage, while continuing to make use of the strengths of each of the other stages.

BE proactive

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Take the Assessment


  • I respond to emergency situations (I’m hungry & I have to work late!) as they arise;
  • I engage in activities that do not necessarily support my healing goals;
  • My healing protocol is often crisis-driven (like doing food prep when ravenously hungry). 

If I get stuck here it may be because I am not yet fully invested in my protocol, I am accustomed to living in crisis, or my environment is out of balance.


  • I have systems in place to manage my healing protocol.

If I get stuck it may be because I lack confidence, feel safe when others (doctors, etc.) take responsibility, or live in a social system that discourages health.


  • I actively work to identify ways that I can improve my healing protocol practice on an ongoing basis;
  • I seek feedback from others who are on the healing protocol path. 

If I get stuck, I can identify why.


  • My healing philosophy and the development of my healing practice are embedded in almost everything I do;
  • I learn every day;
  • I anticipate, create, and build meaningful connections to support my healing protocol.

If I get stuck, I take responsibility for change.

P.S. No one starts at the generative stage!

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