As a person who hated to cook but wanted to be paleo, I felt doomed.

Kind of like Frodo facing a long walk through Mordor.

If you’re reading this because you’re looking for a work-around, a way to engage in a healing protocol lifestyle without cooking, I can only say that I searched everywhere for that loophole.

The only solution I found was that I had to work on hating cooking less.

Here are 15 ways to learn to hate cooking less:

  1. Organize your kitchen;
  2. Get free of unhealthy food and the depletion it creates;
  3. Learn to cook;
  4. Be scientific: observe yourself;
  5. Be intuitive: decide for yourself;
  6. Source your food;
  7. Have a plan;
  8. Develop an ethic of advance prep; get behind ‘mise en place’;
  9. Use your freezer;
  10. Share the load;
  11. Gather the right tools;
  12. Decide you are worth it;
  13. Find out why you hate cooking;
  14. Pretend it’s your hobby;
  15. Treat your aversion to cooking as an opportunity for (spiritual) growth.

One thing I have done a lot of is experiment.

I’ve tinkered with a variety of tactics and then observed myself intently while asking ‘How much am I hating this?’.

BE proactive

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In this way I have discovered moments when I forgot to hate cooking, and occasions when I actually slipped into enjoyment, and sometimes even instances of getting into the zone.

These moments don’t have to be long or strong. But if you find one, observe the conditions (time of day, level of hunger, number of people in your vicinity, music playing?, what you’re cooking, or maybe you aren’t cooking, you’re assembling salad, etc.)

Make a mental (or actual) note of these conditions and then try to recreate them whenever you can.

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