Everybody knows that breakfast is important.

Especially if you are radically changing your diet, to avoid hunger and despondency, which leads to deviant food-related behaviour in the afternoon & evening...

At our house there are 3 categories of breakfasts on the Autoimmune Protocol:

  1. Planned leftovers;
  2. Emergency commuter rations; and
  3. Breakfasts that result from a morning food prep session;

Here’s what some of those look like:

Planned leftovers

Emergency commuter rations

  • I-have-no-time-to-eat-yes-you-do reheated Steak with cucumber slices (toss foil-wrapped teak in the oven while you get work-ready. Slice a whole cucumber in 14 seconds with a mandolin slicer. Fuel your commute...);
  • Salmon Nori Wrap (If you keep tinned salmon & nori at work, all you need to bring is a bin of pre-washed spinach to make your breakfast complete);
  • Reheated Victorious Offal Muffins.

BE proactive

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Take the Assessment

At least a modicum of morning food prep required…

  • Slow cooker Pork Belly with Radish Hash;
  • Bacon & Oranges;
  • Tostada (To make tostadas bake green tortillas for another 15 minutes until crunchy, fill with ground meat and top with lettuce);
  • Root Hash with Lamb (Toss parsnips & carrots with melted coconut oil & oven bake for 45 minutes. For slow cooked lamb shanks: put them on before bed with just a few cups of bone broth & they'll be ready for breakfast or eat your hash with fresh-cooked bacon);
  • Hot Sausage with Sautéed Bok Choy (Special order AIP & low-FODMAP sausages from your butcher);
  • The Omnipotent Breakfast Fry-up. (Fry up ground meat with AIP-friendly veg & seasoning);

A rotation of 15 breakfasts is hardly necessary for AIP success, but it is important to find food you like that's do-able in real life.

Happy breakfasting!

Featured Resource

85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts

Need more inspiration?

Breakfast is often the toughest meal to re-create when we’re used to eating grains, dairy and eggs for breakfast. 85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts makes the transition to the Autoimmune Protocol (or any other Paleo Healing Protocol) easy, with 85 delicious ways to start your day.

Nutrient-density at breakfast: the secret to a successful healing protocol and the reason 85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts was created.

All of these recipes are AIP compliant and half of them can be adapted to be low-FODMAP.

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